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Erick Shank started his Mortgage career in 1994 working for a major Finance Company. While at this company, he made hundreds of purchase loans, refinance loans and personal loans. He was responsible for sourcing his own mortgage loans, processing his mortgage loans and personally closing his mortgage loans. He excelled through the ranks quickly, receiving multiple awards and accolades, and in the end, he was responsible for signing off on hundreds of appraisals, titles and credit reports. This eventually led to mortgage underwriting and management. Erick has also been involved in the Account executive and Hard Money field of the mortgage industry, which makes him a very versatile asset to have on your side. Erick is also an expert in FHA loans, Conforming loans, VA loans and Non-Conentional loans.

In his spare time, Erick loves to play sand volleyball, golf, fly fish, and most of all, he has a zeal for travel. Just in the past 5 years alone, Erick has spent many months living in the jungles of Panama, traveling through the tiny towns of Mexico, sailing from Main to Labrador and taking Trains from one end of the United States to the other. Erick has a thriving zest for life, meeting new people, whether it’s on one side of the globe or the other, and helping out new found friends achieve their financial goals.

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